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Los Angeles would lose nearly 1,000 police jobs under budget proposal

A new budget proposal in Los Angeles issued Friday would cut more than 1,800 city jobs -- including 951 police jobs -- amid a $600 million budget shortfall, according to a report.
2020/12/05 05:52

LIVE UPDATES: Nevada GOP to appeal ruling after judge dismisses election lawsuit

Follow for the latest updates on the 2020 election legal challenges.
2020/12/05 02:04

LIVE UPDATES: Biden says he will urge Americans to wear masks, take vaccine

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2020/12/05 02:00

LIVE UPDATES: Kelly Loeffler staffer killed in car crash

Follow for the latest updates on the Georgia Senate runoffs
2020/12/05 01:55

Twitter weighs in on whether Trump could be banned after leaving office

Once President-elect Joe Biden assumes office on Inauguration Day, Twitter could remove President Trump’s special privileges as a high-profile world leader and treat his account as a normal one if he keeps butting up against the platform’s rules.
2020/12/04 22:39

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