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Trump-backed NC Senate candidate Ted Budd gets key law enforcement endorsement over Democratic opponent

Trump-backed GOP Rep. Ted Budd received a key law enforcement endorsement Wednesday over Democrat opponent Cheri Beasley vying for retiring Republican Richard Burr's Senate seat.
2022/08/10 14:00

Rep. Bishop says FBI Trump raid shows dangerous 'security state,' Americans feel gov't 'out of their control'

Rep. Dan Bishop criticized the FBI raid at former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home as akin to a dangerous "security state," as more Americans feel government "out of their control."
2022/08/10 13:23

House Republicans, health care groups whipping against $739B Manchin-Schumer bill

House Republicans and outside groups are whipping against the $700 billion Manchin-Schumer tax, climate and health care bill ahead of an expected vote on Friday.
2022/08/10 13:13

Vulnerable House Democrats won't say if they plan to vote for Manchin Inflation Reduction Act

House Democrats in tough midterm races refused to say how they plant to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act or how they feel about hiring thousands of new IRS agents.
2022/08/10 12:54

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams tests positive for COVID-19

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced Wednesday that she has tested positive for COVID-19. She said she had tested negative on Tuesday.
2022/08/10 12:12

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