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GOP readies to fight 'woke' provisions in defense policy bill

Republican are ready to oppose Democratic efforts to include progressive priorities, including abortion and racial equity, within the must-pass defense bill.
2022/12/06 17:06

McConnell says 'time is ticking' for Congress to pass a budget bill

The Dec. 16 deadline for Congress to pass a new spending agreement to avoid a government shutdown is quickly approaching, but lawmakers are still at a “pretty significant impasse."
2022/12/06 17:05

US Postal Service alleged spying on conservatives goes unchecked by House Democrats

A controversial surveillance program run by the U.S. Postal Service came under fire Tuesday as Republicans pushed for a vote to give Congress more information.
2022/12/06 16:21

Fauci doesn't remember that study he based hydroxychloroquine COVID treatment claims on was retracted

Anthony Fauci couldn't recall the studies that said hydroxychloroquine is an ineffective COVID-19 treatment or that a major medical journal retracted its study on the subject.
2022/12/06 15:40

Family of fallen officer Brian Sicknick snubs McConnell, McCarthy at Jan. 6 event

The family of fallen Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick refused to shake hands with Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy at a Jan. 6 event Tuesday.
2022/12/06 14:52

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