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Initial vote on whether to remove McCarthy as speaker set for Tuesday

The initial vote to vacate Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., as House speaker will come Tuesday after Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., first introduced the motion Monday night, Fox News Digital has learned.

Gaetz, a frequent McCarthy critic, introduced a motion to vacate on Monday. Tuesday's vote will determine whether it advances to a committee vote.

The last time the House faced such a vote was in 1910 with Speaker Joe Cannon, R-Ill.


2023/10/03 09:50

Staff delivers at least 6 'yuge' bags of McDonald's to Trump trial in Manhattan

Someone at former President Trump's $250 million civil fraud trial is definitely "lovin' it."

A "yuge" order of McDonald's was carried into the Manhattan court on Monday as trial proceedings took a break for lunch. Staff in suits were pictured hauling at least six brown paper bags into the Centre Street complex — where Trump is on trial for allegedly inflating the value of his businesses by $2.2 billion. 

It is not clear who placed the order, but the former president has a well-documented love for the Golden Arches. When Trump occupied the White House, he was known to splurge on big orders and treat guests and staff to his favorite meal — a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, fries and milkshake.

In 2019, Trump served McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to the NCAA national champion Clemson Tigers football team at the White House. 


The former president has previously admitted to feeling better about eating fast food from McDonald’s and Wendy’s due to hygiene and food-prep concerns, as well as taste.

"I’m a very clean person. I like cleanliness, and I think you’re better off going there than maybe someplace that you have no idea where the food’s coming from. It’s a certain standard," he said in a 2016 interview. "I think the food’s good," he added.

Trump may want some comfort food as he defends his business empire against allegations of fraud made by New York Attorney General Letitia James in a lawsuit.

The former president, who polls show currently leads the 2024 Republican presidential primary field by a massive margin, arrived in court in Lower Manhattan Monday morning for a non-jury trial, presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, after a New York State Appeals Court rejected Trump's request to delay the civil trial.


Engoron last week ruled that Trump and the Trump Organization committed fraud while building his real estate empire by deceiving banks, insurers and others by overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.

Engoron’s ruling comes after James sued Trump, his children and the Trump Organization, alleging that Trump "inflated his net worth by billions of dollars" and said his children helped him to do so.

Before entering the courtroom, Trump spoke to reporters, blasting the "disgrace" of a civil trial stemming from "corrupt" James’ lawsuit against him, and presided over by "corrupt" Judge Engoron.

Trump attorney Christopher Kise, in his opening statement Monday, said Trump’s financial statements contained no false entries, and argued that prosecutors were relying on the word of a "known liar"—former Trump attorney Michael Cohen—to establish wrongdoing.


Prosecutors claimed that Trump and his associates knowingly submitted false financial statements—basing their theory on Cohen’s sworn testimony. The prosecution played a clip of Cohen stating that Trump would regularly task him and other lawyers with inflating his net worth, even if only to raise his placement on the Forbes wealth list. The video showed Cohen testifying that he witnessed this behavior on a regular basis from 2011 to 2015.

Trump's defense lawyers argued that James only began investigating Trump after she was elected attorney general in 2019 because of a campaign promise to "get Trump." Trump attorney Alina Habba said the Trump Organization's assets were actually "undervalued" and contested Engoron's valuation of Mar-A-Lago at $18 million, saying it would sell for "at least" $1 billion.

Trump will return to court Tuesday, when prosecutors are expected to take testimony from their first witness, Donald Bender of accounting firm Mazars USA LLP, to its overall case. 

Bender's testimony focused on financial records dating back to 2011, which fell outside the statute of limitations. James has promised the prosecution would tie his testimony to something within the statute of limitations at trial today. 

2023/10/03 09:22

Vote to oust McCarthy as speaker could happen as early as Tuesday

A vote to oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., as House speaker could be voted on as early as Tuesday after Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., introduced a motion to vacate.

House Republicans are expected to have a closed door meeting at 9 a.m. ET on Tuesday for the first time since Gaetz introduced his motion on Monday. 

The vote will be taken up no later than Wednesday. The last time the House faced such a vote was in 1910 with Speaker Joe Cannon, R-Ill.

Gaetz, a frequent McCarthy critic, introduced the motion Monday evening on the House floor.


"Mr. Speaker, pursuant to clause 2A1 of Rule 9, I rise to give notice of my intent to raise a question of the privileges of House," Gaetz said. "Declaring the office speaker of the House of Representatives to be vacant. Resolved that the office of speaker of the House Representatives is hereby declared to be vacant."

There are a number of members undecided on how they would vote on the motion to vacate, but McCarthy will have to solicit help from the Democratic caucus to hold onto his reins. 

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., told Fox News following Gaetz's move that he believes a motion to vacate at this time is "a bad idea." Additionally, Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., told Fox previously he was undecided.


McCarthy reacted to the motion with a post on X. "Bring it on," he said, to which Gaetz responded: "Just did."

At a press gaggle follow the introduction of his motion, Gaetz said he had enough Republican votes – at least five – to either oust McCarthy, or force him to appease Democrats for their support. 

If Gaetz's motion succeeds, all proceedings on the House floor will freeze and the House will then be required to conduct successive roll call votes until a new speaker is elected.

McCarthy's bid for speaker extended over five days and spanned 15 rounds in January, making it the lengthiest speaker's election since 1859.

The first vote will likely center on an attempt to table or dismiss Gaetz's move. Should the House vote against it, Gaetz's initiative will be thwarted. However, if the House fails to set aside Gaetz's motion, this will likely trigger a new vote for speaker.


On Sunday, Gaetz told CNN "State of the Union" host Jake Tapper that "we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy." 

"Look, the one thing everybody has in common is that nobody trusts Kevin McCarthy. He lied to Biden. He lied to House conservatives," Gaetz said. "Kevin McCarthy's goal was to make multiple contradictory promises to delay everything back up against shutdown politics and at the end of the day, blow past the spending guardrails he had agreed." 

Meanwhile, some House Republicans are now trying to oust Gaetz if the ethics committee finds him guilty, which would take a two-thirds vote to expel. 

The House Ethics Committee has been investigating Gaetz since 2021 on allegations, including campaign finance violations as well as claims of taking bribes and using drugs – accusations the congressman has vehemently denied. Gaetz also denies allegations leaked from a Justice Department sex trafficking probe said to have involved an underage girl.

Fox News' Daniel Wallace and Howard Kurtz contributed to this report. 

2023/10/03 09:06

New York Gov. Hochul announces 18,000 jobs for asylum seekers as city's migrant influx exceeds 125,000 people

Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday announced 18,000 new jobs for eligible asylum seekers and migrants as New York City faces an influx of more than 125,000 people. 

Hochul said the state’s Department of Labor has identified more than 18,000 private sector job openings at 379 companies across the state who have identified roles that could be filled by individuals with legal work status since first beginning assessment and outreach on Aug. 24. 

About 24% of the job openings are in accommodation and food services with 90 businesses, according to the governor office’s breakdown. Another 21% of the openings are in healthcare and social assistance with 79 businesses. Manufacturing accounts for 10% of the openings with 38 businesses, and administrative support accounts for 8% with 29 businesses. 

"We have to manage the fact that there's 125,000 people right now, up until tomorrow, have not been eligible to work, and have relied on public support for housing," Hochul said at a press conference. "That is not a sustainable dynamic. It is just not sustainable in the long term. But we've dealt with it. So, I'm going to call on businesses to sign up even more."


"I am hopeful and continue to press Washington and Congress to open up those work authorizations to more people because again, the Venezuelans is a good start, but it's not going to take care of the people who come in from Mauritania, and Congo, and other parts of South America, Central America, West Africa," she said. "We have people from Iraq and Afghanistan coming, people from Russia are coming, because everyone's finding their ways to that southern border. And that's where we need to have more thoughtful controls at that as well."

Seemingly coordinating with Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial decompression strategy to lessen the burden on New York City, the identified job openings are also spread across the Capital Region, central region, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Mohawk Valley, North Country, Southern Tier, Western Region. 

New York City has the most job openings for eligible asylum seekers with 9,801 positions. 


The state identified 2,896 openings in Hudson Valley and 1,294 openings on Long Island, despite local officials in both areas either openly opposing or fighting in court against Adams’ efforts to relocate mostly male migrants to motels for extended months-long stays.

At the press conference, Hochul praised the Biden administration for granting temporary protective status and expediting worth authorization for Venezuelans on Sept. 20. New York City estimates that will allow more than 15,000 Venezuelan individuals to attain legal work status within 30 days.

"It means that 40% of the people who came here through jungles and mountains and rivers and incredible adversity, they found their way to New York. Forty percent from the country of Venezuela because of the Biden administration's actions are now eligible to have work authorizations and TPS, Temporary Protective Status, in 30 days," Hochul said on Monday. "And those who came before July 31st are actually eligible for this. So, this is the best news we could have had in this short time frame as we've been trying to find solutions to this problem."


According to the governor’s calculation, roughly 60% of the migrants who have arrived in New York City are from somewhere other than Venezuela. Hochul has activated 250 National Guard personnel assigned to full-time case management services for asylum seekers, part of a deployment of more than 2,100 National Guard personnel to address the ongoing migrant crisis.

2023/10/03 07:31

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig to launch Senate campaign in Michigan: 'I'm angry about so much'

FIRST ON FOX: Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig will launch his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Michigan on Tuesday.

Craig, whose impressive law enforcement career in a handful of states spans more than 40 years, is seeking to replace retiring Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow in the Senate. He confirmed the news in an interview with Fox News Digital.

"A lot of people over the last year approached me and encouraged me and said, 'Look that's something you should really consider.' And I recognize that U.S. Senate is a big job – even though you're representing Michigan, you're also representing the country," said Craig, who's running as a Republican.

"Everything that I see going on today … it's frustrating. I'm angry about so much when it comes to open borders and seeing the level of fentanyl poisoning. I don't call it overdose. I call it poisoning because it's by design and these Mexican cartels are allowing this poison or bringing this poison into America," he said.


Craig, who has also served as the chief of police in Portland and Cincinnati, said the Biden administration's response to the border crisis, in his view, has been "lackluster" thus far.

"I just felt like this administration [is] doing nothing. I mean, the former president at least made a great effort at building a wall," he said.

Craig, like so many other candidates, raised concern over the economy, saying it's a "mess."

"We were energy independent under the former president. And now, in places like California, gas is like $7 a gallon and going up," he said. "Interest rates are high. The American dream is just that – it's a real dream now. For most young people hoping to purchase their first home, that's an impossibility. When you talk about interest rates sitting at seven and eight percent ... how does that happen?"

Craig also spoke about ways he'd like to help struggling public schools on a federal level and insisted the funding being provided by the United States to Ukraine amid its war with Russia should cease.

"When I say this, I want to make sure I'm clear. I think Putin is a war criminal. I think the invasion of Ukraine was wrong, but I think this has been an endless effort," he said. "This administration has not put a plan forth to the American public. So clearly, they want to get money, over money, over money. And frankly, I say, stop it. I'm an American first. I believe we take care of our own country. I mean, as much money as we're spending in Ukraine to protect its borders ... what are we doing to protect our own borders? What are we doing to help some of our decaying major cities?"

"Not only are we funding the war effort in Ukraine, I now hear that we're even trying to fund the rebuilding of Ukraine," he added. "I look at my own city and while I think Detroit has done a tremendous turnaround, there's still work that needs to be done. Another city I think about is Baltimore. Baltimore needs to be rebuilt. But we're focused on Ukraine, so I have a problem with that."


Craig also took jabs at those who have already entered the race, including former Michigan GOP Rep. Mike Rogers and Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., over their endless support for Ukraine.

"I know Mike Rogers, who's the other GOP candidate; he's certainly a strong advocate of sending money to Ukraine," he said. "And certainly the Democrat who's running for U.S. Senate – she's been one of the chief architects of sending over $130 billion as a congresswoman. But what about going back to improving education in Detroit?"

Craig also spoke out against President Biden's electric vehicle "mandate," saying it's "flawed" and "makes no sense."

"I'm not saying we don't build electric vehicles, [but do so] in addition to continuing to build vehicles with internal combustion engines," Craig said. "I know Biden thinks he's a car guru – he's not. The reality is, you know, when he comes to Detroit and makes his 85-second speech about supporting those union workers, he fails to mention that his EV mandate is going to cost a significant number of jobs – American manufacturing, auto manufacturing jobs."

As for ways to curb crime, Craig spoke at length about how his roles at various departments over the last four decades have prepared him for a position in the Senate to work across the aisle.

"One thing I have that's unique, let's face it, is every city I've worked in, every city, were all Democrat-run cities," he said. "I wasn't always a Republican. I mean, my transition didn't happen overnight. But while I was in Detroit, I was a Republican. When you become a police chief, nobody asks you what your party affiliation is. It doesn't matter because you're apolitical. We serve all people, you work with all people."

"Certainly as the police chief, the leader of the police department, I worked with Democrats and Republicans. I didn't agree with everything, and I was very verbal on the things that I thought we could or couldn't do, but it wasn't partisan-based. I got along very well. The mayor, a Democrat who I thought was a great mayor, we worked well together. Again, he and I didn't always agree on everything, but he believed in law and order."

Craig said he's jumping into the race because he believes Michiganders are looking for "real leadership."

"I just think Michigan is ready for real leadership, not people that are going to cater to the status quo and the lobbyists. I'm talking about both Republicans and Democrats. I'm not saying all – there's some that do a wonderful job," he added. "But I know there's some … who just do not want to see me in this race."


Craig formerly sought the GOP nomination for governor of Michigan, but fraudulent signatures on his paperwork derailed his campaign. He was considered a favorite to win the GOP nomination in last year’s gubernatorial election before he and four other candidates were kept off the ballot after fraudulent signatures were found on their nominating petitions.

Three people have been charged with forgery and other crimes related to the phony petition signatures, but no candidate was personally accused of knowingly submitting fraudulent petitions.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

2023/10/03 07:19

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He is particularly bad for Israel and the Jewish people.

The following is a brief synopsis of the main reasons for which Jewish Americans should strongly consider not voting for Barrack Obama:

1) Mr. Obama has repeatedly lied to and manipulated the Jewish community, telling it what it wants to hear when the cameras are on, and then retracting or "evolving" his position when the cameras are off. No more egregious an example of this exists than that of the speech Obama gave to the annual AIPAC convention several weeks ago. In that speech, Obama ostensibly moved to the right of Condoleezza Rice, insisting that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided." Those comments clearly moved even the most skeptical of Jewish AIPAC conference attendees, and on that basis many had decided to vote for him. Then of course the truth came out the next day when anonymous sources in the Obama campaign informed Agence France Presse that by "undivided" Obama meant that Jerusalem was "not going to be divided by barbed wire." Essentially, Obama's position is that which many in the Zionist community have always feared – that he is still sympathetic towards the Palestinian Arabs and believes the Palestinian Authority has the right to make parts of Jerusalem its capital. Obama was caught telling a crowd of Iowan activists last March, "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian People."

Obama has successfully insulted the intelligence of American Jewry by wooing them with ingratiating phrases and one liners such as how he has been in the "foxholes" in Chicago with Jewish friends with whom he worked closely to heal the rifts between local Jewish-American and African-American communities. He also claims that "nobody has spoken out more fiercely against anti-Semitism than I have," yet not once did he avail himself to speak out against the rampant anti-Semitism in his church, let alone condemn specific anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks on the parts of Reverend Wright, Reverend Meeks, or father Pfleger all of whom have abused the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Chicago to foment hatred of Jews, as described in '6' below.

2) Whatever short legislative record Mr. Obama has is that of an extreme leftist -- one that does not bode well for the State of Israel. Obama sponsored 129 bills since his arrival in the Senate, but only 9 of them came out of committee and only one of them became law – an testament to how out of touch he is with mainstream law and politics. Obama was one of the few senators not to support the Kyl-Lieberman resolution which designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Obama also opposed the overthrowing of Saddaam Hussein when Obama was an insignificant Illinois State Senator and Hussein was still a vociferous and stark threat to the State of Israel and actively financing Hamas suicide terror attacks against Israeli civilian targets.

Obama made headlines in the primary campaign against Hillary Clinton when he stated his desire to meet with Iranian dictator and vicious anti-Semite Mahmud Ahmajinadad, without any preconditions first met regarding either Ahmajinadad's desire to exterminate the Jews or Iran's dedicated movement toward acquiring a nuclear weapon. Obama has also recently dismissed the threat posed by Iran, considering Iran to be a "tiny" nation that should elicit less concern than that felt by Israel and the majority of Jews. His exact quote, speaking in Pendleton, Oregon, is as follows: "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union... In Iran, they spend 1/100th of what we spend on the military. If Iran ever tried to pose a serious threat to us, they wouldn't stand a chance." Unfortunately Obama doesn't seem to realize that it doesn't take 2,000 nuclear weapons to destroy Israel; it only takes 2!

Experts agree that Jews should be forewarned about voting for Obama. Mid-East exert Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center in Herzeliya, Israel, describes Obama as "not the candidate of the Arab states, but the candidate of the Islamists, whether he knows it or not. . . . If elected, he will be the most anti-Israel president in American history." Obama was even caught saying that he might have difficulty dealing with an Israeli government headed by Likud, which is particularly ominous as it appears Israelis are about to elect a Likud government. What is surprising is that Obama has expressed more concern about dealing with Likudniks in Israel than he has in dealing with Mullahs in Iran. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

3) Obama is surrounded by advisors who have historically been very critical of Israel and the Jewish community. The first such advisor is Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to anti-Semitic President Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, who has stood by Obama's side in public on several occasions, has accused "some people in the Jewish community" as being "McCarthy-ite." Brzezinski has also intimated that Israel may be guilty of war crimes for its defense of itself in the Lebanon War of 2006.

The second such advisor is retired general, Tony McPeak, who has been tapped recently as Obama's military advisor and national campaign co-chair. In a 2003 interview, McPeak blamed much of the troubles in the Middle East on those who "vote here in favor of Israel [in] New York City [and] Miami," whom no "politician wants to run against."

A third such advisor is former Michigan Congressman David Bonior, who represented the Obama campaign at The DNC Rules Committee meeting in Washington D.C. this past May. While in Congress, Bonior was known to be "the biggest supporter of the anti-Israel Arab lobby in Congress." In 1990, Bonior was one of only 34 Congressmen to vote against recognizing Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel. In 1997, Bonior was one of only 15 Congressmen who signed a letter asking President Clinton to pressure Israel into making even further concessions to the Palestinian Authority, despite the PA's constant abrogation of its commitments under the Oslo Accords. In 2002, Bonior was one of only 21 Congressmen who opposed H.R. 392, which buttressed Israel's right to self defense and called upon the PA to dismantle the Hamas terrorist infrastructure. Throughout his tenure in Washington, Bonior repeatedly voted against aid to Israel while continually supporting arms sales to Arab states.

A fourth top Obama advisor is Robert Malley, a long-time fierce critic of Israel who attempted to rewrite history by claming that the 1999 Camp David Accords fell apart because of actions on the part of the Israeli delegation (and not because of Yasser Arafat's intransigence, which we know to be the case). Malley has also called for greater legitimization of and accommodations for terrorist organizations such Hamas and Hezbollah, not to mention rouge Muslim states such as Syria and Iran.

A fifth such advisor is Samantha Power, who had to formally resign from the Obama campaign after calling Hillary Clinton a "monster," but is known to play a strong unofficial role in the Obama campaign till this day. Power has called for the suspension of aid to Israel and its redirection to "Palestine." Power has stated that criticism of Obama is solely on the grounds of what is "good for the Jews." She also advocated using U.S. troops to invade Israel and force a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

A sixth such advisor is Senator Chuck Hagel, one of the few Republicans to consistently express anti-Israel views. Obama has chosen Hagel as one of his chief foreign policy advisors. In reference to Hagel and co-advisor Senator Jack Heed (D-RI), Obama said the following: "They're both experts on foreign policy; they reflect I think traditional bipartisan wisdom when it comes to foreign policy. Neither of them are ideologues but they try to get the facts right and make a determination about what's best for U.S. interests, and they're good guys." Let us examine what foreign policy expert Chuck Hagel has done on foreign policy issues most concerning to most Americans:

In August of 2006, Hagel was one of only 12 Senators to refuse to call upon the European Union to declare Hizbullah a terrorist organization. He was even criticized by Democratic organizations for his stance. In December of 2005, Hagel was one of only 27 Senators to refuse to sign a letter to President Bush urging him to pressure the Palestinian Authority to ban Hamas and other terrorist organization from participating in parliament. In June of 2004, Hagel refuse to sign a letter urging President Bush to raise the issue of Iran's nuclear ambitions at an upcoming G-8 summit. Last but not least, in October of 2000, Hagel was one of only 4 Senators to refuse to sign a Senate letter in support of Israel.

Finally there is Obama's nuclear proliferation advisor, Joseph Cirincione, who has called upon Israel to completely relinquish its nuclear arsenal, while dismissing claims that Syria has been recently building up its nuclear enrichment capacity.

It is true that Obama has some high-profile Jewish advisors and supporters, but these, such as Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida, are largely pro-Oslo Jews who have come to expect and support constant concessions from Israel even in the face of mounting Arab terrorism.

4) Obama and McCain speak of Israel and the Israeli-Arab conflict in starkly different terms.

Obama, in his own words, views the Arab-Israeli conflict as an "open wound" and "open sore" that has a deleterious effect on "all of our foreign policy," according to Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic Monthly who conducted twin interviews with McCain and Obama. This characterization underscores Obama's belief that that there is some sort of parity between Israel and the Arabs and if only we can get both sides together, we can close this open sore; and furthermore, that all the other problems in the middle east stem directly or indirectly from this "open sore." McCain on the other hand understands the ultimate threat of Islamo-facism and views both Israel and America as targets and victims of the constant assault perpetrated by Islamo-fascists. Says McCain: "I don't think the conflict is a sore. I think it is a national security challenge." Asked what would happen if the Israeli-Arab conflict were resolved, McCain responds, "We would still face the enormous threat of radical Islamic extremism." When asked about Israel building new homes for Jews in the West Bank, Obama responded by stating that given the prospect of such continual construction, "we're going to be stuck in the same status quo that we've been stuck in for decades now." McCain, on the other hand, switched the topic of conversation by focusing attention of the plight of Israel's citizens in Sderot who brave every day the constant barrage of Hamas's Kassam and Kytusha rockets from Gaza.

5) Both Barrack and Michelle Obama have a long history of associations with radical leftists and Arabists, neither of whom, it should go without saying, bode well for the Jewish people:

Barrack Obama's first political mentor in Hawaii was a relatively well-known black writer and poet named Frank Marshall Davis who was an activist in the Soviet-controlled Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Obama continued his communist training and indoctrination at his first college, Occidental. According to Obama's book, Dreams From My Father, Obama spent much of his free college time with "Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance poets," with whom he "discussed neocolonialism." Before leaving to college, "Frank" warned the young Barrack, ". . don't start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that shit."

Barrack Obama's leftism continued in full force, albeit subtly, on the streets of Chicago. Obama is known to have been friends with left-wing fanatic and Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, who is responsible for dozens of bombings between 1969 and 1975, and who also served on two different boards with Obama. Ayers told the New York Times, "I don't regret setting bombs . . .I feel we didn't do enough." When George Stephanopoulos challenged Obama in an interview to explain his relationship with Ayers, Obama dismissed the relationship as "a guy who lives in my neighborhood." Nothing could be further from the truth! Obama's political career began with him raising funds in Ayers living room. Ayers and Obama worked together in the context of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge through which Ayers hoped to include left-wing indoctrination in the city's public school system. Later on in is career as an "organizer", Obama worked closely with Ayers at the Woods Fund which conveniently gave a $6,000 grant to Obama's radical Trinity United Church. Ironically, Ayers, the American terrorist, has accused Israel of terrorism after Israel retaliated for vicious Arab attacks against its own civilians.

Obama's initial financial base was none other than left-wing fanatic hedge fund guru George Soros, who is well known for being a strong critic of Israel and who has explored creating an anti-Israel lobby to countervail the activities of AIPAC. Soros has stated that America needs to go through a "certain de-Nazification process" so that it can extricate itself from Iraq. Soros has also had close relations with the anti-Israel advisors to Obama's campaign noted above.

Obama is known to have been particularly close with ex-PLO member and now Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi. Obama and Khalidi were fellow board members of a foundation that funded the Arab American Action Network, a fiercely pro-Palestinian organization. Obama has admitted that Khalidi has changed Obama's views and attitudes about the world. Obama is considered in Chicago to be a close friend of the Palestinian Arabs. Not a surprise, given the facts.

6) The Obamas have regularly attended a racist and anti-Semitic church for about twenty years and have raised their daughters in same atmosphere.

The Obamas had been proud and regularly attending members of the radical Trinity United Church of Chicago for twenty years.The Trinity United Church of Chicago is a proud member-church of the Black Liberation Theology movement. Much like the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire, Black Liberation Theology is neither a theology, nor about Liberation, nor strictly about black people. Black Liberation Theology is a subset of the global Liberation theology movement which was founded in Latin America and spawned vicious socialist dictators and rebels such as Che' Guevara. Black Liberation Theology is and predicated on the notion of saving dark-skinned people through the gradual extermination of light-skinned people and their beliefs. The father of the Black Liberation Theology movement is James H. Cone and the bible of the Black Liberation Theology Movement is Cone's Black Theology and Black Power. The following is a quote from same book: "Black Theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the Black community. If God is not for us, and against white people, then he is a murderer and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community. . . . Black Theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy."

This is the theological backdrop for Barrack Obama' s political activism. This is the church where the bombastic and racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright had served as pastor for the span of that time. Obama has described Wright as his "moral compass," "sounding board," "confidant," and "mentor." Wright married the Obamas and baptized their children. Only after 20 years, strong political pressure, and Wright disavowing Obama, did Obama finally disavow Wright. But Obama never thought to disavow Wright after any of the numerous racist and anti-Israel remarks made by Wright both at and away from the pulpit over the course of 20 years!

Wright is an anti-Israel activist who has given sermons at Trinity United calling for the US to cease and desist from all aid to Israel. Wright also allowed Hamas officials and Arab activists to contribute to the church's magazine. One such Hamas official accused Israel of building an "ethnic bomb." Wright is also good friends with fierce and notorious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the

Nation of Islam movement. This same Farrakhan, who called Jews "bloodsuckers," was the recipient of an award from the Trinity United Church. Barrack Obama has yet to publicly condemn the granting of this award. In fact, all the evidence suggests that Obama, himself, has had a close relationship with Farrakhan. Obama even chose to march with Farrakhan in the Million Man March of 1995 despite the Anti-Defamation League pleading with African American leaders not to attend.

And it wasn't just Wright who gave anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sermons at Trinity. Father Pfleger and Reverend James Meeks, both supporters of Louis Farrakhan, have been regular guest speakers at Trinity over the years. When Jewish members of an Illinois state board, mandated with monitoring hate speech, resigned after a fellow board member, affiliated with the Nation of Islam, refused to denounce Farrakhan's anti-Semitism, Pfleger retorted with the words, "good riddance." Reverend Meeks has been known to scapegoat "Hollywood Jews" for corrupting the moral climate in America.